The Aristazzi: America’s Obscenely Wealthy

I make no claim that wealth is evil; there have been, and are many people of great wealth who do good. However; the more wealth and power a person has the more capacity and potential for corruption and tyranny. All one need do is conduct a cursory examination of wealth disparities and distribution of wealth, in any time or nation, to determine that wealth dictates access to Liberty and Justice. Wealth also dictates whose values prevail in any and all sociopolitical systems; and the greater the wealth the greater the rights, culminating in rule by ‘divine right’ under the auspices of the Aristazzi. The Aristazzi are the obscenely wealthy elite who employ their wealth, in the United States and elsewhere, to manipulate and control government to their own self-gratification and hedonism. Neither am I the first to recognize this simple fact for Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

By Imposition of Domestic Multiculturalism and global Monoculturalism; the world will not become a paradise, nor will the destruction of America, as the liberal “progressives” would have us believe. Nor will all the nations of the world suddenly adopt “Transnationalism”. It is not one culture the world desires, but “Liberty and Justice for all” which will never be achieved as long as there are those in the Aristazzi who think everyone else is inferior and should be subservient to them.

Occasionally justice may still prevail in this formerly great nation, as Liberty and Justice under God gradually perishes from neglect. This case is an example of the type of Obama/Holder/DNC racism and corruption embodied in quasi-professional Left-Wing “progressive” agents who gather counter-intelligence for political espionage. The simple fact is that the Democratic Party will do ANYTHING to preserve their right to voter fraud and assurance of ignorance in voting which is their major, and perhaps ONLY, means of ensuring electoral success.

I appreciate the idealism of those dedicated to the core principles of the RNC, and Washington’s partisan homogeneity, but the inability of the Republican Party to present alternatives which are anything more substantive than simply contradicting Democrats is simply granting election after election to the Democrats. If the Republican Party supports the Constitution then shouldn’t they take action to prosecute those who violate it rather than going along with the violations ‘in case’ Republicans wish to commit the same violations? If the Republican Party is opposed to growing the government and fiscal irresponsibility, then mightn’t they advocate legislation to balance the budget? If the Republican Party supports “free market” Capitalism, then why would they EVER vote for legislation to allow government intervention in the “free market”? If the Republican Party is opposed to repeal of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, and 10th amendments th

Wealth = Plunder

Wealth = Plunder

en perhaps they should stop supporting legislation which abdicates those rights. If the Republican Party supports our immigration laws and the Constitutional requirement that the President and Vice-President be “natural born”, then perhaps they would not support amnesty legislation which disregards our immigration laws and national security. If the Republican Party wishes to reflect the values which were the cornerstone of this Constitutional Republic, then isn’t it time they stopped endorsing the policies and privileges of the “progressive” Aristazzi and restored the sovereignty and supremacy of the People? If the Republican Party does nothing but approve Democrat initiatives and there is no discernible difference between the partisan outcomes, then what difference does it make which party I vote for; it will be the Democrats, anti-capitalists, and anti-constitutionalists who win!

Neither have I ever expressed opposition to government or Capitalism, which were two of the fundamental precepts of Karl Marx. Karl Marx considered government evil and was an advocate of anarchy in which the people shared equally in ownership of all political resources. This would preclude the need for laws and lawmakers to manage and protect the proletariat. He was also firmly opposed to Capitalism as the root of all injustices perpetrated by the ‘privileged’ class who accumulated a disproportionate share of wealth and power to perpetrate abuses upon others. I absolutely advocate Capitalism as the ONLY existing viable means of establishing the incentive and structure necessary to encourage production, research, and the potential for tangible gratification for hard work and creativity.

What I vigorously oppose is the concept of wealth granting all who choose to make the accumulation of wealth their sole purpose in life some ‘divine’ right of ‘supremacy’ and everyone else is inferior. Throughout history, until the United States Constitution granted ‘supremacy’ and sovereignty to The People, all those who chose contentment and purpose in anything other than the accumulation of wealth were suppressed, controlled, and abused by laws which granted the Aristazzi the right to ‘plunder’ whatever and whoever they chose (Bastiat). Any time government laws or policies are allowed to interfere in economics it ceases to be a ‘free market’, and any student of economics knows that a ‘free market’ is absolutely essential to Capitalism.

It serves no practical purpose to be ‘against wealth’, or its acquisition, which is the ‘fuel’ which drives and incentivizes the Capitalistic mechanism. Morality demands opposition to the abuse of wealth and the injustice perpetrated by the mega-wealthy Aristazzi in their gross manipulation of the Federal government. They have used their wealth to grant the Federal government ‘supremacy’ since Ware v. Hylton, 3 U.S. (3 Dall.) 199 (1796) when the Supreme Court first relied on the Supremacy Clause to strike down a state statute; the Civil War when the “Union” denied States the right to secede from the “United” States; Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 118 U.S. 394 (1886) which gave corporations rights as “natural persons” without the same moral and ethical accountability; the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which abdicated the Federal government’s rights to manage coinage and currency, giving it over to an elite group of presidential appointees; the passage of the 16th amendment (1913) giving the Federal government the power to tax ALL income (albeit congress later passed IRS rules which allowed the Aristazzi to exempt their income with tax shelters and offshore accounts); the 17th amendment (1913) which denied states the right to select Senators; and etc..

The bottom line is that sovereignty and supremacy has been steadily undermined and usurped from the People and the States in which they reside, in violation of the 10th amendment. At the same time sovereignty and supremacy has been concentrated in the hands of an elite oligarchy in Washington, D.C.. As if that isn’t enough degradation of our Constitutional Republic, the president has concentrated more and more power through Executive Orders and little or no accountability to Congress or the People. And Congress has abdicated more and more power to agencies and bureaucracies with the ability to execute Administrative Rules carrying the weight of law with virtually NO accountability to Congress or the People. The result is that the United States is now little more than an elite oligarchy deriving its power from Aristazzi dispensation and without even a shred of courage to admit they make the rules but are neither elected nor entitled to rule by ‘divine right’ or ‘providential sanction’!

I firmly believe in the plausibility of life with values which grant ALL men and women the supreme right and sovereignty to govern themselves and rise to whatever level of wealth their individual efforts allow; like the water in a well rises to its appropriate level. All we need from the Aristazzi to get out of the way so mankind may be permitted the freedom to think, act, and create freely while engaging in whatever political, ideological, or moral beliefs they may embrace!


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