ARE Corporations Natural Persons?

ImageIf SANTA CLARA COUNTY v. SOUTHERN PAC. R. CO.,118 U.S. 394 (1886) had not been initiated by the Supreme Court (without argument), corporations would not be allowed to enjoy all the rights and privileges accorded “natural” citizens under the Constitution. But wait – not only do they have all the rights of a “natural” citizen, but more. A citizen can be prosecuted and sent to jail for larceny. Corporations can steal billions of tax-payer dollars from the government but cannot be prosecuted because no single executive can be proven to have committed a crime. Corporations are protected from prosecution because they assume collective liability. However, since Supreme Court decision 118 US 394, SANTA CLARA COUNTY v. SOUTHERN PAC. R. CO. (1886) allows corporations to sue and be sued; it seemImages that any Washington bureaucracy retaining an attorney on their staff would be able to sue violating corporations – if they WANTED to. However, the fact is that Washington is not government of, by and for the PEOPLE, but government of, by, and for the dollar!


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