Rendezvous With Destiny

ImageI’ve always enjoyed Ronald Reagan’s stirring faith in America and its core values. Such dedication, duty, and loyalty cannot stem from demagogues and charlatans, but only from a sincere belief in preserving the principles he speaks of. I particularly appreciate his remark that we have “a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” For many of us, we were born into the legacy our forefathers fought and died for. For others, freedom and sovereignty of the people are merely words upon paper or electronic images upon a computer screen and have no particular relevance. Perhaps such is the case because of conditioning to accept government by the moneyed elite in Washington, D.C.. It is sad to witness the degeneration of our culture into one which labors under false-flag deceptions and derives its moral and spiritual direction from partisan or political elite. To be ruled and allow others to make our decisions is easier than taking a stand for liberty and righteousness.

I know, from experience, the constant battle to avoid being drawn into diversionary quagmires by detractors who attempt to shift the focus of our battle from the true enemy of our Constitutional Republic. It is an enemy which contrives to delegate or abdicate our moral, spiritual, and political power to self-govern into the hands of the moneyed elite who run this country. With their endowment of wealth to they carry out their sinister agenda of self-interest through elitist federalism in Washington. We all know in our hearts that we are not oppressed by poverty but by obscene wealth which daily drives more Americans into the powerlessness of poverty; both economic and spiritual. Though there are opportunists who will sell their souls to ensure their own well-being and security, like the sell-outs to the Nazis in conquered nations of Europe and even the miserable deprivation of the Concentration Camps; for the sole purpose of gaining a slight advantage over those who have even less.

If the publication of truthful books will still be permitted in the post-Obama dystopia, I’m certain they will describe how we answered or ignored our “rendezvous with destiny”. They may tell of how some attempted to speak out against the agents of socialism disguised as advocates of dispensing carte blanche power to the super-rich aristocracy whose agenda was to drive everyone else into the bondage of poverty. Reagan spoke of the insidiousness of the Washington agenda to concentrate more and more power and property into the hands of fewer and fewer by confiscating private farms. Now the same principles are being applied to concentrate more and more residential property and business into the hands of fewer and fewer. Those who do not heed the lessons of the past will be doomed to repeat its errors. Those who preach complacency and conformity are the minions of those who will make slaves of us all! Heed the prophecies of the Scriptures and Ronald Reagan – don’t take my word for it.


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