#Obama’s Nefarious Agenda: How to Rule the World Without Firing a Shot

ImageIf I am wrong, my warning will be just another example of a ‘conspiracy theorist’. If I am correct, this will serve as a ‘forewarning to forearm’.

1. Cultivate close associations with anyone and everyone who may be useful.
2. Use racism for self-promotion and achievement of political objectives.
3. Say whatever is necessary to recruit followers and support.
4. Foster and encourage supporters to believe it is ‘us against them’.
5. Use deceptive alliances and collaboration with political institutions to gain power.
6. Work in a profession and location most suited to advancement of goals.
7. Achieve election to Federal office.
8. Encourage divisiveness and polarization of adversaries.
9. Get elected leader of the most powerful nation in the world.
10. Undermine the family and US Judeo-Christian ‘Core Values’.
11. Shift antipathy for Muslim terrorism to Christians, Veterans, and Patriots.
12. Establish a coalition between a major party, wealthy (#Aristazzi), racists, Marxists, and Muslims who share a common goal of global supremacy.
13. Demonize the major organized opposition.Image
14. Remove all who may comprise political or military opposition. 15. Ensure all government power is in the hands of loyal followers.
16. Undermine the cohesiveness and effectiveness of US Congress.
17. Nullify the US Constitution.
18. Consolidate power and alliances with Muslim nations which control an indispensable global resource.
19. Dispense with any unnecessary political or diplomatic allies.
20. Take control of the world by establishing the global Muslim Caliphate.

Those who comprise membership in the “unnecessary political and diplomatic allies” will be in for a rude awakening when they discover they were simply ‘tools’ of the #Obama agenda. Tools which he has used like women to promote his “war on women” or Congress and Democrats; used to promote his PPACA and antipathy for Republicans, Judeo-Christians, Patriots, Veterans, and “TEA” party organization.