PPACA – Little Protection and Not so Affordable

ImageIt must be tunnel-vision which produces the idea that it is more unjust to make women pay more for services only they will use, than to make men pay for insurance they will NEVER use. The results of fostering the belief that there can be insurance which cannot be cancelled, and covers every conceivable contingency, is insurance which will NOT be “affordable”. The people who provide insurance coverage are NOT altruistic or charitable, and do business to make a PROFIT. There is no partisan monopoly on common sense, and anyone with common sense will recognize the reality that no for-profit business will ever provide the idealistic “affordable” coverage advocated by the PPACA/Obamacare. Either the premium costs will NOT be affordable to any but the wealthy, deductibles will be prohibitive to any but the wealthy, the government will be required to spend billions to subsidize the health insurance companies or premium payers, or the government will become a “single-payer” which will determine what will be covered, when, and for whom. The poorest component of the American public will ultimately lose coverage or affordability.Image


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