Our Legacy: Law or Lawlessness?

The US Government is mandated to protect the security of citizens. I wonder how secure US citizens can be when they may beImmigrant Drug Cartels robbed, raped, murdered, or infected with some undetected infectious or terminal disease, by ILLEGAL immigrants who would not be here if immigration laws were enforced. I wonder how secure the families of victims of ILLEGAL immigrants can be. I wonder how many of us have even a momentary sense of possible threat each time we see an Hispanic or Muslim in our midst. I wonder if the negligence of the Federal government is what fosters that racial “insecurity” which leads to racial profiling and discrimination.

There are those who say we should “love one another”, that ILLEGAL immigrants are merely “seeking a better life” because of their “love for their families”, or that the United States has “always welcomed immigrants”, and that we are a “nation of immigrants”. NotwithstandingImmigrant On Dock the fact that the traditional immigrants have entered this country LEGALLY and that they wanted to be part OF this “nation of laws” rather than apart FROM a “nation of lawlessness”. I hope that all of these misguided altruistic justifications of lawlessness and idealistic compassion will be the thoughts which go through the minds of the VICTIMS of the corrupt and evil
element of our ILLEGAL immigrant populace as they infiltrate our society at every level!

Then there are those who advocate ILLEGAL immigration and propose granting amnesty for political advantage. The population of ILLEGAL immigrants in this country is presently believed to be between ten and fifteen million. This does not include somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen to twenty million who have already been granted amnesty. These are conservative estimatesImmigration Demonstration of a number which is impossible to determine except through interpolation and statistical methodology. However, even at this conservative figure of approximately thirty million, total, that is a lawless constituency of 7% of the nation’s registered voters – if only one of the major parties could win such a constituency!

A politician who would place re-election, or having the interests of his/her party prevail over the security of 93% of his/her constituents is not only reckless and treasonous, but an exercise in futility. The embrace and endorsement of this hypothetical constituency will never be within reason, as any more than an illegal voting block, for a number of reasons:

  • ILLEGAL immigrants must be citizens to vote, and there is no emerging faction in this group seeking citizenship.
  • ILLEGAL immigrants are largely illiterate and/or do not speak English, which is required in order to complete ballots.
  • ILLEGAL immigrants are not so gullible and ignorant they would vote for anyone willing to sell out a majority for a minority.
  • ILLEGAL immigrants endure exploitation by racist charlatans who consider them an inferior economic class.

As for me; I would rather live in a nation of MEN who will take a stand for our America’s Core Culture, than a nation of women who will SUBMIT to a multitude of injustices and abuses because it is not their nature or their physiologicalImmigration by Decade constitution to be aggressive or assertive. A Core Culture which has “primarily been the culture of the seventeenth and eighteenth-century settlers who founded our nation. The central elements of that culture are the Christian religion; Protestant values, including individualism, the work ethic, and moralism; the English language; British traditions of law, justice, and limits on government power; and a legacy of European art, literature, and philosophy” (Huntington, 2004).

As for me; I would rather defend to the death a legacy of security under Federal government protection rather than Federal government which is paralyzedImmigration Dedication and impotent because of a faction which justifies their cowardice and impotence by false flags of misguided compassion for those without compassion and tolerance for the intolerant. I would rather perish protecting my wife and children for generations to come than passively submit and doom all posterity to bondage and injustice. If God had intended us to have compassion and tolerance for EVIL, He would not have promised to prevail over Satan and his minions.