Post Moral America and the Corporate Ethic

New World OrderPolitical discussions are always deliberation of generalities. Any time such discussions are interpreted as absolutes, there is an inherent element of tunnel-vision. Politics is all about ‘shades of gray’ rather than black and white, and that includes the human characteristic of morality embodied in a “natural person”. A “natural person”, who is a free moral agent, has the God-like capacity to consider a multitude of perspectives and derive a decision based upon their values and concept of good and evil. That is precisely why I’ve continued to emphasize the fact that Capitalism/business, in and of itself, is NOT evil.

Capitalism and competition, like guns and other weapons, when put into the hands of evil people may become instruments of destruction. Even our FAITH in God can become weaponized in the hands of evil people. This has been demonstrated countless times throughout the history of mankind. Like moderation in the “Golden Mean” of the ancient Greek philosophers, few things in and of themselves are evil; until they are taken to extremes.

Recently, in a monologue expressed by Brigette Gabriel in response to an off-topic question regarding Islamic “ideology”, in Benghazi deliberations, it is NOT the majority of moderates who have ever been the perpetrators of history’s most heinous travesties, but the extremist minorities who achieve leadership. The same obsessive-compulsive motivation which imbues an individual with the capacity to do whatever is necessary to succeed and excel in ANY human endeavor is what produces LEADERS in politics, business, industry, etc.. Such behaviors may be considered extremist by some. One person’s interpretation of “extremism” may be another person’s interpretation of “excellence”. The essential distinction invariably occurs when either interpreted behavior is not tempered by morals and ethics. My point is, was, and always will be that capitalism tempered with morals and ethics based upon accountability to a ‘higher authority’ is NO MORE inherently evil than a gun or a knife. Great success often produces great wealth, and great wealth does not make men evil but gives evil men much greater opportunity to manifest their evil. Although. Power is not inherently evil, but gives evil men much greater leverage and influence to perpetrate evil. A lunatic alone in a desert can do little harm, but if you give him a nuclear device and place him in the heart of New York City he becomes a hazard to multitudes.

A corporation has but one drive, and that is to make a profit. It is a form of business which socializes the costs and benefits of capitalism. The corporation is NOT a free moral agent and is NOT a “natural person”. The corporation is managed by directors and administrators who ARE free moral agents and “natural persons”. They are accountable to other “natural persons” and free moral agents comprising the stockholders. The greatest value of the corporation is the fact that accountability is distributed among ALL the owners and administrators. But ALWAYS, the prime directive is to produce a profit. Whatever decisions and activities a corporation may engage in, it is always “moral” as long as it is within legal constraints and produces a profit. Once again, a corporation in and of itself is a benign means of conducting business with accountability to a ‘higher authority’ comprised of stockholders and the law of the land.

Prior to 1886, legislation of law was reserved to “natural persons” accountable to the higher authority of GOD. GOD was nearly the UNIVERSAL ‘higher authority’ of all “natural persons”, and the essence of what made human beings “natural persons”. With the publication of “On the Origin of Species”, published on 24 November 1859, and the arbitrary interpretation of a court clerk in the SCOTUS ruling in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific R. Co. – 118 U.S. 394 [1886], everything changed! Despite the fact that Charles Darwin never ONCE mentioned “evolution” in his theories of how speciation, natural selection, or adaptation took place, and the fact that science has never ONCE demonstrated how the genes in the ape genome were altered to produce the human genome, the scientific community adopted “evolution” as the source of “creation” and thus allegedly disproved the existence of “intelligent design” by the Supreme Authority of God. Before the turn of the nineteenth century the US government had endowed corporations, a totally inorganic abstract entity, with the rights and privileges of a “natural person”. At this point, not only were “natural persons” emancipated from accountability to God, but corporations were endowed with the same rights as “natural persons”! Henceforth corporations would not only be emancipated from accountability as “natural persons”, but they would be endowed with the same rights to write laws as “natural persons”! The foundation was now complete for the “fundamental change” which would come to be known as the New World Order – a world governed by the CORPORATE ETHIC, with the sole purpose of producing profit without regard for accountability to any ‘higher authority’ than producing profit while emancipating corporate managers and administrators from any individual moral or ethical accountability. Now we have an army of intelligent and essentially good-intentioned pawns who serve the interests of those who wish to implement the New World Order Oligarchy by fostering fear and confusion based upon the indistinguishable objectives embodied in those seeking control of all means of 220px-AtlasShruggedproduction in the hands of Marxist “socialism” seeking public ownership, or Keynesian “corporatists” who seek a partnership between private sector and corporate government. If people are led to believe “socialism” is the ultimate evil, they will willingly abdicate the introduction of the “corporatist” New World Order when both will sacrifice individual rights for the greater “government good” similar to Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.

 The only thing within the sphere of human understanding which is “evolving” are the stages of human cognition and development of ideology. The unfortunate component of “evolution” derived from Darwin’s “natural selection” and survival of the “fittest” is that the “fittest” may not necessarily be the healthiest or most superior. In a hypothetical environment where lunacy prevails, only lunatics are uniquely endowed with capacities necessary to adapt. In a penal institution, the most suitable for survival are those who possess the capacity to adapt to the criminal environment. In the post-moral world of the Corporate Ethic, or Corporatocracy, those who are NOT governed by any sense of moral or ethical accountability will be best equipped to adapt. But of course all of this is conjecture and speculation, isn’t it? Or is it?

1984In the post-moral New World Order of the Corporatocracy, or Oligarchy, the world will discourage or eliminate BORDERS which define the boundaries of communities or nation-states of people with shared ideologies, laws, values, currencies and, of course, politics. Any spiritual beliefs which foster morals, ethics, or laws contrary to the interests and objectives of the ruling corporate interests will be discouraged or eliminated. “Cultural diversity” will be advocated as a means of polarizing any unified resistance as individual human rights are gradually rescinded by intrusive laws “for our own protection”. All of the political resources, which include every facet of human activity in any nation or ethnic group will be controlled by a central oligarchy which educates and socializes all citizens to conform, comply, or suffer rejection to the point of incarceration for re-education or brain-washing. Essentially, the world will be very much like the Oceania described in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” where human individualism is sacrificed for the sake of the state.