Un-Christian “CHRISTIANS”: The Secularization of the United States of America

It would be nice if people finally realized this is NOT an equal opportunity nation where ANYONE who wants to get ahead can do so! ImageThere are government regulations which preclude a young girl getting ahead or paying for a medical procedure by selling mistletoe! There are higher education costs requiring loans which make the recipients indentured servants for YEARS after getting their education and STILL do not guarantee employment! There are arrogant and superior people who uproot neighborhoods of poor who cannot afford decent housing and must be compelled to live in slums, owned by ‘slumlords’ who will sell out to developers (in a heartbeat) when other affluent folk get tired of seeing the results of the poverty they create.

ImageNot EVERYONE is born, or becomes, a member of some special ‘class’ which is granted the special privileges of ‘Affirmative Action’! Not EVERYONE has had the blessing of employment permitting them to compile huge fiscal reserves in IRA or retirement accounts. Not EVERYONE can survive on the pittance Social Security provides after government has plundered their life savings for corporate welfare. There are those affluent enough to accumulate substantial pools of wealth and pompously express their disdain for Social Security; branding it as a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ or an “entitlement” which should be reduced of eliminated. Nevertheless, those with enormous reserves of wealth seldom, if ever, decline receiving their Social Security checks! If not for Social Security, MILLIONS would be destitute, with virtually NO means of support!

I am disgusted with the growth of government and it’s intrusion into virtually EVERY element of my life! I find it deplorable that there are those who have more wealth than they need, yet would steal from a blind beggar’s cup or evict seniors to live on the street! This is the type of imperiousness which forces people into poverty and then ensures they remain there! Not only that, but once these MILLIONS of less-fortunates are enslaved by poverty, they would condemn government humanitarian intervention while demonstrating that 80% (the vast majority) of charity comes from people whose income is in the lowest percentiles of income: Those with the GREATEST fiscal blessings donate the LEAST to charity!

I would just like to know what kind of CHRISTIAN care and compassion is demonstrated by these predispositions, attitudes, and policies? Perhaps the diametrically opposing character of people claiming to be CHRISTIANS, yet behaving in such an UN-Christian fashion, is what fosters the prevalence of secularism in the USA today!Image